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S.G. Iron Rolls

Spheroidal Graphite (Nodular) Cast Iron or Ductile Rolls are available in a wide range of hardness & composition for a variety of application. The matrix structure varies from Ferrito-Pearlitic, Pearlitic to Bainitic & Martensitic together with different carbide contents and graphite in the form of spheroids/nodules. These Rolls are essentially an Indefinite Chill type material, but with the Graphite in Nodular form instead offlake and having alloyed with higher % of Nickel & Molybdenum along with Carbon.. Some critical grades are heat treated for higher strength. These rolls are very much suitable for the rolling of row products with wide range of applications due to its hardness penetration, good wear resistance and tough necks, this material has become a benchmark.

Advantage: Pearlitic nodular rolls have high strength, good thermal properties and resistance to emergencies as well as small hardness gradient of working layer. Bainitic nodular structures provide for better wear resistance at high surface hardness.

Mechanical Properties

Pearlitic Spheroidal GraphiteStatic Casting55 – 65 Shore°C
Acicular Spheroidal GraphiteStatic Casting65 – 75 Shore°C
S.G. Grey Cast IronStatic Casting40 – 50 Shore°C


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