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Double Poured Chilled Rolls

DPIC rolls are made of a high alloy iron and a soft grey iron or ductile iron core metal. having minimal having minimal drop in hardness with a good it is recommended to keep the core as nodular iron (sg iron). better roll cooling is required for these rolls in the mill. Due to the Nodular core and highly alloyed surface these Rolls have excellent mechanical properties, strength, high wear resistance, good surface finish and resistance to shock/thermal/mechanical loads.These rolls are used in finishing stands of rod mills and for flat rolling. the shell material consisting of predominantly bainitic or martensitic matrix with free carbides with small quantities of tiny flake graphite, have excellent wear resistance coupled with resistance to fire cracking.


DiameterUpto 80 inches or 2100 mm
LengthUpto 80 inches or 2100 mm
WeightUpto 3 MT


:: Wire rod finishing rolling.

:: Flat products rolling in Hot strip and Plate Mills.

:: Cold rolling of non-ferrous sheets.

:: Hot Steel Rolling Mills

:: Copper Rolling Mills

:: Automobile and Agricultute Items

:: Sugar Mill Shafts

:: Plate Rolling

:: Stainless Steel Rolling