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Definite Chilled Rolls(Clear Chill Iron Rolls) –

Definite chilled iron rolls have a high-hardness layer of white cast iron at the surface. These rolls have the advantage of selecting the harder best performing material on the working surface, which is primarily a Cr-Ni-Mo alloyed chill cast iron & a relatively softer material inside.
White chill iron is less soft,strong and incapable of withstanding high dynamic stresses but owing to its greater hardness , has enough strength and better wear resistance against thermal shock occurring at the time of accident in the rolling operation compared to other chilled rolls.
These rolls have high compressive strength.It retains a fair proportion of its strength at elevated temperature, for example, in hot rolling .
Chilled to graphite being smoother, the hardness associated with the definite chilled structure allows deeper grooving.
A very fine surface finish is required , rolls for hoop and skelp mills must be chosen with special attention to strength and hardness so the rolls will match the roughing , intermediate and finishing stands.
The rolls are double poured duplex rolls and are manufactured by the advance centrifugal process.
These make excellent work rolls for two, three and four-high mills, turning out of high grade ferrous and non-ferrous sheet and strip or section.
High Alloy Clear Chill Rolls have proved well suited for the finishing stand of rod and light section mills, for continuous small and medium hot strip mills, and for strip mills of older design.
These rolls are manufactured for section mills producing rounds, squares, flats, Hexagon, Gate Channel as well as mills producing Tor steel and Tmt bars.


Clear Carbon Chilled Cast IronCentrifugal Spun Cast430 – 550 HB
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast IronCentrifugal Spun Cast500 – 630 HB
Grey Cast IronCentrifugal Spun Cast180 – 350 HB


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